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Film Score


Multi Media Music


Scott Eriksson

Manager, Director, Producer, Writer



An original score is not just writing music.  It's the ability to create moods, soundscapes, and elevate the artistic value of a movie.  Mike is my go-to composer because he understands even silence is part of a great score. 


Patricio Ginelsa


LUMPIA, Black Tiger, Black Eyed Peas music video director


“I worked with Mike Kobayashi now on two big projects and he did not disappoint.  Mike is a great collaborator and definitely has a better ear than I do in music.  His flexibility, his guidance and his sheer talent really shows in the final product!"  

Richard Casey


Horror House on Highway 5,6, Hellbent; Music Video Director:  Black Sabbath, Aldo Nova, Blue Oyster Cult


"Mike is the The best-a great musician and a great collaborator and he is a much better guitar player than I am."   




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